Construction and architecture: a documented journey, from when the ground is first broken through to research paper buy writing papers for money the cutting of the ribbon.



If I could spend all my time shooting this kind of vision, I’d be a very satisfied photographer. Industrial and construction timelapse keeps me busy all year, so it’s hard to get to magnificent places such as the Flinders Ranges but when I do, I can become totally absorbed in portraying the drama of a magnificent landscape.

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GSR Platinum Class

Right off the bat, let me say I love trains, so when KWP! approached me to document a carriage upgrade for Great Southern Rail, I couldn’t have been more excited. What you see in this heavily edited version is the transformation of a Gold Class dining car to a Platinum Class car. This carriage is now in service on the iconic Indian Pacific rail service that traverses Australia from Sydney to Perth and back again. https://vimeo.com/174535569https://vimeo.com/241287293

Salty Tales

This video, originally four minutes long, was created to be shown alongside a group of photographers in a joint exhibition at Red Poles Gallery and Winery in the Southern Vales wine region near Adelaide. The exhibition theme centred on the coastal features of the Fleurieu Peninsula, hence the name. The piece was subsequently shown as a looping video at Pirramimma Winery as part of the 2016 Shimmer Biennale. The bespoke music was created by Daniel J Ross.

Pile Cap Pour

Timelapse work can occur at any time of the day. This capture is a great example. The first pile cap concrete pour of the Cancer Research Institute project required 52 concrete trucks to fill the job. Moving that many trucks through daytime Adelaide traffic would be problematic, so the pour commenced at 1am. If being awake all night to capture the pour wasn’t challenging enough, this capture – like most industrial captures – comes with no script. Industrial timelapse photographers have absolutely no control over the events before their camera. Nobody can tell them exactly when things will happen. And there’s no control over the lighting or environmental conditions. Pretty much every challenge a photographer can be presented with at a shoot will happen in a capture like this one. The only defence against the chaos is to shoot lots of frames and have multiple cameras covering the angles. Photographically speaking, it’s like juggling kittens, so it’s all the more sweeter when the elements come together poetically to tell a visual story as nicely as does this one.

Positioning his subjects as the hero of his visuals, be it a person or a building, Chris creates a visual archive for his clients that is engaging and meaningful.

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