Constructing compelling narratives through photographic images;
images that move through time and images that pause time.

With more than 30 years of photographic experience; starting on film and working through to digital and timelapse photography, Chris Oaten has focused on becoming a master of his trade. His tools and technique deliver quality visual output and compelling narratives that set his clients apart.

Storytelling is at the core of Chris Oaten’s photographic practice; creating connection through a visual narrative and  engagement through meaningful visual journeys.

Chris Oaten

Leveraging 30 years of journalism experience, having worked in both written and
photographic mediums, Chris became a master story teller and photographic technician.

Chris, who is based in Adelaide, is a commercial photographic content creator and timelapse archiver, creating insightful visuals and compelling narratives through time, frame and light;
stripping away distractions to tell a story and document a journey.

Positioning his subjects as the hero of his visuals, be it a person or a building, Chris Oaten creates a visual archive for his clients that is engaging and meaningful.

Please contact Chris for further information about his services and to request a quote